throwback thursday

Throwback Thursday #2: My Birthday Party

During my birthday in February we set up a few lights and decided to get silly in front of the camera. Being surrounded by the people I love was the best birthday present I could ever have received. 

Click on the images to get a better look. 

Throwback Thursday #1

It's outrageous how many photographs I'll take that absolutely nobody will ever see; not because I dislike them or that they're bad photographs, but because they don't fit with my brand or what I'm actively working on at the time. I stumbled into an old folder from college, which means it was a folder-within a folder- within a folder-full of disorganized content. Then I found myself digging through all these scans of negatives and portraits of friends that have never seen the light of day and now that I have a blog, I think they deserve to. 


Anastasia's Throwback Thursday: Abandoned

In an effort to purge my archives and provide insight to viewers of work I've produced in the past, I'm beginning my own version of Throwback Thursday. Every Thursday, I'll choose a theme and post images from past excursions, shoots or travels revolving around that theme. 

This Thursday's theme is Abandoned.